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Meet the Team

Cal Durrett,Site Expert

Cal Durrett is a graduate of Stratford University and is the co-site expert of Hoops Habit. He has experience writing about the Spurs and Jazz. He spends most of his free time honing his craft as a writer, enjoying music, TV and movies, as well as watching basketball.

Jack Simone,Contributor

Site Expert: Hoops Habit | Founder: Banner Town, USA & the From the Rafters podcast

Dylan Carter,Contributor

Dylan holds a B.A. in Sports Journalism from ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. He had a successful tenure as a Site Expert for Air Alamo, where he set site records and had work featured by Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated and other high-profile publications. After joining as a contributor, Dylan has been elevated to Site Expert for Hoops Habit in August 2022.

Luke Duffy,Contributor

29 year old basketball writer from Dublin, Ireland who first fell in love with the game when the plucky Sacramento Kings took on the mighty Lakers... and lost! Orlando Magic fan. Favourite players are Rajon Rondo, Jeff Teague and I'm probably the biggest Kawhi Leonard fan out there!

Dalton Sell,Contributor

Wisconsin kid.

Holden Walter-Warner,Contributor

Holden Walter-Warner is a freelance contributor for Busting Brackets and Hoops Habit. He believes college basketball is here to stay - sorry G League hype men.

Jake Weinbach,Contributor

NBA Analyst & Writer

Elaine Blum,Contributor

Journalism Student from Germany. I love everything basketball and NBA related.

Jeff Mount,Contributor

I have been following Cleveland sports since the late 60's, which means I have sat through approximately six thousand losses, all of which were completely unexpected. When I am not punishing myself with sports I enjoy reading, cycling, and music.

Josh Cornelissen,Contributor

Covering basketball online since 2015, Josh is an avid fan of the NBA, WNBA and college hoops, with a special love for NBA history. He lives near Raleigh, NC with his wife and young son, where he also serves as a pastor at his church, plays board games with friends and re-ranks the Star Wars movies incessantly.

Donald Hamilton,Contributor

A kid from Haverstraw, NY just trying to fulfill his dreams of becoming a sports/NBA analyst. I graduated North Rockland High School in 2018 and grauated with my Bachelors in Commmunications from SUNY New Paltz. I have my own sports podcast and website called DJ's Sports Show where you can follow me for all things sports.

Jonah Kubicek,Contributor

Michigan native | Robert Horry apologist | Came in 3rd place in a 7th grade basketball tournament

Jake Brown,Contributor

Jake Brown is a Contributing Writer for the Daily Knicks and Hoops Habit FanSided sites. Jake is currently enrolled at the University of Rhode Island, majoring in Sports Media and Communications.

Iliyan Lakhani,Contributor

Los Angeles Clippers | USC

Sravan Gannavarapu,Contributor

B.S from Virginia Commonwealth University in Mass Communications. M.S. in Journalism from Boston University. Contributor to NFL Spin Zone, FanSided, and Hoops Habit.

Thomas J. Brown,Contributor

Thomas J. Brown is a freelance journalist and film critic based in Chicago, IL. He is a member of the National Sports Media Association as well as the National Association of Black Journalist. His work is often humorous and insightful, and always original.

Michael Shearer,Contributor

NBA obsessive. Follow me @bballispoetry.

Jack Duggan,Contributor

My Name is Jack Duggan! I'm a Junior in college at UVM, and I'm from Boston MA. I live and breath basketball and am excited to share my thoughts on the NBA.

Richard Nurse,Contributor

Richard Nurse is a writer and editor who has crafted content that has appeared on RantSports, The Source, the New York Press, MSNSports.com and XXL Magazine -- as well as round table appearances with Marc Lamont Hill on the HuffPost Live. You can follow him on Twitter at @followthepen. Writing/PR Portfolio: https://www.clippings.me/users/richnurse

Jake Focht,Contributor

Blazer faithful

Christopher Jeter,Contributor

Chris is a freelance writer from Baltimore, MD. He is the Daily DDT site Co-Expert and a Bulls/Wizards contributor for Hoops Habit. He also freelances for The Baltimore Sun on occasion and has his own sports blog that he uses every now and then. In addition to wrestling, Chris is a big Ravens, Orioles, Capitals, Terps, and Bulls fan.

Elias Whitaker,Contributor

Freelance Writer. Go, Dubs!

Simon Smith,Contributor

I have been following the NBA since 1990. Like anyone at that time, I initially jumped onto the Michael Jordan Bulls bandwagon. At the time, games in Australia would be shown once per week, and they were never live. By the mid 90's and the internet boom, it became increasingly more accessible to follow the league on a daily basis - box scores, opinion articles etc were now at our fingertips. Following Jordan's second retirement, my passion for the NBA remained however I never really followed one team in particular. I first visited NYC in 2006 and had an affinity for the Knicks for a few years without ever being a fanatic. It just so happened to be that I was in Miami on the day that LeBron James announced that he was taking his talents to South Beach. It seemed as good a reason as any to begin following the Heat, and having visited the city now on multiple occasions, I am now officially a die-hard Heat supporter. Having the ability now to express my passion and opinions on all things Heat is a fantastic opportunity, and something I hope you see conveyed in the articles I produce. That's just a little bit about myself strictly as it relates to the Heat and all things NBA.

James Siegle,Contributor

NBA Superfan, Basketballer, Christian, Consumer of High-End Coffee. Pickup ball style might resemble J.R. Smith.

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