Tre Jones vs. Joshua Primo: Who will start at point guard for the Spurs?

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San Antonio Spurs

Dejounte Murray and Josh Primo of the San Antonio Spurs (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images)

With All-Star Dejounte Murray traded to Atlanta, the San Antonio Spurs are without a clear answer at their starting point guard spot for the first time in decades. The role was handed to Murray by future Hall of Fame Tony Parker, and to him by a 10-year Spurs veteran in Avery Johnson. Now, the team is left to wonder who will run head coach Gregg Popovich’s system.

Throughout the team’s history, the offense has almost always been run by the point guard. Even as positionless basketball has taken a hold of the league, San Antonio stayed true to their one guard making everything flow fluidly.

The starting point guard holds weight in San Antonio Spurs history.

From the days of the great James Silas to Murray’s recent All-Star rise, San Antonio has always leaned on its lead guards. Popovich has treated the point guard position as an extension of himself, a coach on the floor to set the plays and keep the team organized. Now, they’ll look to a limited group to fill the gap.

12th overall pick and a man with all the confidence in the world, Josh Primo is a good candidate. His competition and a great candidate in his own right is a more traditional point guard, Tre Jones. Both are the best players for the job and the only ones ready to take on this responsibility right now.

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